Employees of the center NEMO in Almaty - therapynemo.com

dolphin therapy specialist Aleksandr Vasilievich Timoshchuk, photo
Aleksandr Vasilievich Timoshchuk
Heal of Almaty Dolphin Therapy Department, child psychologist, dolphin therapist
dolphin therapy specialist Gorelova Alexandra, photo
Gorelova Alexandra
Dolphin therapist, child psychologist, infant swimming coach.
dolphin therapy specialist Aleksandr Ivanovich Novenko, photo
Aleksandr Ivanovich Novenko
Marine mammal trainer
dolphin therapy specialist Maria Vitalievna Dziubenko, photo
Maria Vitalievna Dziubenko
Marine mammal trainer. Senior trainer
dolphin therapy specialist Raushan Beidaliyevna Karimova, photo
Raushan Beidaliyevna Karimova
Scientific consultant, Doctor of Sciences in Psychology, Professor, neuropsychologist, practicing psychologist
dolphin therapy specialist Svetlana Anatoliyevna Polishchuk, photo
Svetlana Anatoliyevna Polishchuk
Scientific consultant, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor, family psychologist, child psychologist
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