Social project: A Child with the Future

Almaty Dolphinarium has launched A Child with the Future social project for rehabilitation of children with special needs.

It was implemented by Nemo international association of dolphinariums and ARDI association of parents of disabled children with the support from the city administration.

This project will help more than 40 disabled children and adolescents from low-income and socially-vulnerable families undergo a rehabilitation course. Dolphin therapy is indicative for children with musculoskeletal disorders, speech disorders, cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, Down syndrome and various neurological disorders.

The number of disabled children with physical, intellectual, mental and sensory disorders in the country is rising. One of the main reasons for disability in children is nervous system diseases. A disabled child needs close attention, time and special care from the parents and the state. Dolphin therapy provides a much broader coverage in the system of rehabilitation of children with special needs, helps their social integration and harmonize the child’s development, thus reducing the prevalence of disability. A comprehensive correctional process is the most important condition for a full-fledged development of children with special needs. One would need competent assistants to solve this complex problem. We have three dolphins working on rehabilitation of children, “our girls” as we call them: Katia, Yumi and Nicole. They are highly-organized creatures with subtle senses and a full-fledged sonar. They can easily determine pregnancy in women and the gender of the future child. Since the dolphin is a natural emitter of ultrasound, its effect on the child’s body is much softer than that of equipment.

Most children display positive dynamics after the first few sessions. After every course, parents receive recommendations from their dolphin therapist on how to preserve the existing results and achieve further progress.

Besides Kazakhstan, Nemo dolphinariums operate in six countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Thailand.


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